Thursday, October 20, 2011

Expository Paragraph - My Hobbies

                                                     My Hobbies
          I like doing a lot of things when I have free time, in other words, I like to do my hobbies. My hobbies that I like to do are listening to music, swimming, and read books.I like doing these hobbies, because they are relaxing, to me. Also, I do them because I don’t have anything to do, most of the time. So this is my essay that gives reasons of why I like to do these things.

          I chose listening to music as my hobby. I like listening to them when I do my homework, when I don’t have anything to do, or sometimes when I eat. I like almost all types of music; pop, country, rock n roll, and other type of music. I like to hear them because some songs bring me back memories. Also, because it gives me energy to clean my room. Most of the time, I like hearing music when I’m doing my homework. The music makes fun the homework. Listening to new songs is awesome, because you haven’t heard the song before. This is the reason why I like doing this hobby.

          I also picked swimming of one of my hobbies. I like going swimming, of course when the day is hot. The apartments where I live have a swimming pool (the one which we usually go) and are only for the ones that live in the apartments. I always like going to the pool because I spent more time with my brother and friends. Swimming is good for you, because while you swim, your flexing your arms and legs, to make it short, you exercise. Sometimes is relaxing, but when there are a lot of people in there, for example like little kids, it gets noisy. But still I have a lot of fun. That is my number 2 reason why I like doing this hobby.

         My last choice of my favorite hobbies is reading books. I like to read books when I feel like it or when I have assignments. I like reading books that are comedy, mystery, or scary. Reading books that are comedy is fun for me because it makes me laugh. Mystery books leave you wondering. Scary books terrify you and sometimes don’t make you sleep at night. Reading books at home warms up your brain for school, and makes your reading better. I like hearing or reading stories of any kind. No matter if the story is fantasy or real, I would probably like it. This is my last reason of why I like doing this hobby, reading.

         These are the reasons of why I like to do these hobbies. I like to listen to music because it helps me get energy. I like swimming because I have fun and it is exercising. Also, reading is cool because it helps your reading to get better and learn more new things. So this is my essay of my three favorite hobbies that I like to do when I have some free time.

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